Seminar “Fondi Comunitari”


Prof. Simone Arcagni (from MIUR) visit for FolkTure Project


Spreading research results in fisheries and aquaculture realized in the S.E.A. project

Event in Lecce (Hilton Garden) for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and opportunities for discussion on application outcomes of the research results in fisheries and aquaculture. [/fusion_builder_column_inner][/fusion_builder_row_inner]

Scientific overhaul of MUSCA Project

The team of MUSCA Project received prof. Vincenzo Vespri for the project revision.  


Participation to the final step of “Smart Comunities Award”

The Team of FolkTure Project took part in the final step of “Smart Comunities Award” in Naples hosted in the SMAU Project facility.

International Workshop: Integrated Solutions for Future Transport Systems Experience at work

Two days of workshop organized with the aim to share knowledge and experiences about PLM-related tools and methodologies developed within the research projects GIFT2.0, KHIRA (Knowledge Holistic Integrated Research Approach) and the Living Lab KLIO (Knowledge Based Innovation Lifecycle). [...]

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