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On Liberty. Autonomy, identity and institutions

How cinema help us to investigate the real? This is the underlying question of our seminars on philosophy of cinema. First screening: Il resto di niente (2004) by Antonietta De Lillo, introduced by some introductory words of Dr. Paola Mauro, Deputy Prefect of Lecce

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The 40 |20 Seminars in Communication Ethics

How non-verbal communication, ie gestures, body position, eye movements affect our usual communication? We intend to discuss the relevance of the implicit and invisible dimensions of the communication process. In order to effectively communicate, in fact, one must at least be informed about their relevance. Is it really possible to guess the thought of our interlocutor, starting from her/ his [...]

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THE LIGHTHOUSE OF LEUCA. 150 Years of Light and Gateway to the East.

THE LIGHTHOUSE OF LEUCA is an opportunity for the new frontiers of Research and Valorisation of the Lighthouses Adriatic Heritage, as discussed at University of Salento, Campus Ecotekne, June 29, 2016. Thanks to the collaboration with the Polytechnic of Bari, the Apulia Region and Apulia Film Commission, the CPDMlab of the University of Salento has hosted the Seminar "THE LIGHTHOUSE [...]

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Start up School Lab

Start-up School Lab is a co-working day, in which the eight finalist schools of the "Natural...mente Scuola" Project exchange views with Universities and companies, with the purpose of analyzing both the strengths and the weaknesses of their business ideas. Now in its eighth edition, “Natural...mente Scuola” is a project for Apulian Secondary Schools students, with the aim to raise [...]

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Presentation of the SEA project to Offshore Mariculture Conference Europe 2016

Presentation of the paper: The S.E.A. (Security for marine Environment and Aquaculture) project: Advanced production and processing, food security and sustainable aquaculture. Authors: Roberto Bonarelli, Giorgia Bressani, Marco Cataldo, Giovanni Coppini, Angelo Corallo, Franco Laterza, Maria Elena Latino, Angelo Marguglio, Vito Morreale, Marco Notarangelo, Alessandro A. Zizzari and Vincenzo Zonno.

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