Angelo Corallo
Angelo CoralloAssociate Professor

Since October 2010 he is Associate Professor at the Department of Innovation Engineering at the University of Salento. He is professor of organizational systems and integrated design of business. He is the author of over 130 international publications. Angelo Corallo is responsible for the research laboratory Collaborative HOlistic Research Environment Design Laboraroty (CORE lab ex cPDM) within the Department of Innovation Engineering at the University of Salento, University of Salento – Italy.

The laboratory focuses, on technologies, methodologies and organizational models supporting collaboration among people (knowledge workers) and organizations (network of firms):

– collaboration among knowledge workers addressing the issue of Collaborative Working Environment (Knowledge Modelling and Ontology Engineering enabling prototype applications inspired by the logic of the Semantic Web) and the topic of knowledge management in complex environments (Knowledge-based Engineering and the Product Lifecycle Management). These two research topics are addressed in many of national and European research projects including: X@Work, X-Net.Lab, Syntesis (national projects), CRESCENDO (European projects).

– partnership among firms within industrial districts and clusters, dealing with the topic of Digital Ecosystems of Business and the topic of Internetworked Enterprise. These two research topics are addressed in many national and European research projects including: Discorso, Tekne,; (national projects) and DBE, OPAALS, Secure SCM (European projects); The CORE Lab has affiliated five spin-offs. He is member of the Scientific Committee of the GeCo on the Product Lifecycle Management of the Milan Polytechnic. He is member of the Expert Group of the Ministry of Education (MIUR) in support of the activities of selection, control and monitoring provided for by Article 14 of the D.M. 593/2000.

Giovanni Scarafile
Giovanni ScarafileSenior Lecturer

Giovanni Scarafile is associate professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Pisa and member of the teaching staff of the PhD in Philosophy of the Universities of Pisa / Florence. Liu Boming Professor at the University of Nanjing. He directs the editorial series Controversies. Ethics and Interdisciplinarity for John Benjamins Publishing Company in Amsterdam and is a member of the editorial board of Diogenes. He is a member of the FISP Steering Committee. Fédération Internationale Des Sociétés De Philosophie, Vice-president of the IASC (International Association for the Study of Controversies) and Secretary of the SIFM (Italian Society of Moral Philosophy).

Mariangela Lazoi
Mariangela LazoiSenior Lecturer

Mariangela Lazoi, PhD in Management Engineering, is Researcher in the Department of Innovation Engineering – University of Salento (Italy). She is scientific and technical responsible and exploitation leader in several research projects. Her research activity is focalized on methodologies and technologies for product design, product lifecycle management and business process management. She has a wide experience in the analysis of complex industrial sectors, mainly matured during action research in collaboration with manufacturing companies.

Paolo Afrune
Paolo AfruneResearch Fellow
Graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Salento, has the role of research fellow. His main focus is on secure software development and cyber security in the field of operating systems.
Mario Angelelli
Mario AngelelliTheoretical physicist
I graduated in Mathematics and Physics and got a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. My work mainly focuses on the study of local and global inference and information theory through algebraic and statistical techniques.
Rita Barriera
Rita BarrieraCollaborator
Her research is focused on the analysis of technological solutions, in the area of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, suitable for supporting and measuring business performance.
Federica Stella Blasi
Federica Stella BlasiResearch Fellow
Economist. Research Interests: innovative methodologies and technologies for Urban Farming, sustainable novel and superfoods design, including new marketing strategies for increasing consumer demand.
Emanuela Braì
Emanuela BraìArchitect
Research Fellow at the Department of Innovation Engineering with expertise in Building Information Modeling, Geographic Information System and urban and territorial sustainable Planning and Management.
Antonio Caforio
Antonio CaforioBusiness Process Engineer
Expert in methodologies and tools for business process improvement working on research activities aimed at the development of methods and systems for Knowledge and Business Process Management.
Antonio Calisi
Antonio CalisiBiologist Ecotoxicologist, Phd
His Research activities is focuses on the study and development of biological solutions for environmental technology and applications (sustainable agriculture, blue growth, environmental remediation, human health)
Tobia Calogiuri
Tobia CalogiuriResearch Fellow
After a degree in software engeneering, he received a PhD in operation research. Actually he is a research fellow at CoreLab, where he workson process management in healthcare.
Adele Caroppo
Adele CaroppoItalian qualified lawyer
Expert in funding strategies and PM for R&D, corporate legal affairs, models of knowledge management. Since 2013 she has been working in CoreLab, overseeing the lifecycle of projects of SMEs, large enterprises, public bodies and research organizations.
Luca Carriere
Luca CarriereComputer Engineer
Computer engineer graduated from the University of Salento. He deals with research and testing of innovative methodologies and technologies to support the process of calculating the cost of the product for the aerospace industry.
Viviana Carrone
Viviana CarroneResearch Fellow
Specializing in human resources management and organization with ten years of experience in the field. His study focuses on the research and experimentation of methodologies for the evaluation of decision-making.
Cristian Catalano
Cristian CatalanoComputer Engineer
Expert in cyber security, penetration testing and reverse engineering. His current research interests include cyber attacks analisys, computer forensics and cybersecurity for industrial environments.
Mattia Colucci
Mattia ColucciResearch Fellow
Master degree in computer science and professional experience in Digital Forensic, Cyber Security and Privacy by leading consulting companies.
Umberto Corvaglia
Umberto CorvagliaComputer Engineer
Graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Salento, has the role of research fellow. His main focus is on secure software development and cyber security in web and mobile fields.
Anna Maria Crespino
Anna Maria CrespinoSoftware Engineer
Research Fellow at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the
University of Salento. Her areas of interest are: Product Lifecycle Management, Big Data Analytics as-a-service.
Fabio D’Alessano
Fabio D’AlessanoResearch fellow
Graduated in Industrial Engineering and in Management Engineering.
His research interests are focused on the analysis, design and re-engineering of the business processes through BPM methods.
Giorgia De Benedetto
Giorgia De BenedettoCollaborator
Doctor in Management Engineer. She collaborates in research activities related to innovative development strategies for start-ups and SMEs. Focus: Business Model Canvas, Blue Ocean Strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation.
Vito Del Vecchio
Vito Del VecchioResearch fellow
Doctor of Management Engineering with industrial background. He collaborates in research activities related to Product Lifecycle Management and Big Data Analytics in Industry.
Salvatore De Matteis
Salvatore De MatteisResearch fellow
Doctor in Philosophy and in Business Administration and Management. Long-term experience in companies operating in the Social-Health sector, as Head of Services and General Manager
Carla Di Biccari
Carla Di BiccariPhD Student
Her areas of interest and expertise are: CAD, Solid modelling, CAD automations, Energy Efficiency in Buildings and BIM. R&D projects on IoT and knowledge management for the aerospace industry.
Marco Esposito
Marco EspositoManagement Engineer
Research Fellow with expertise in: Business Process Innovation Mng, Product Lifecycle Mng, fundraising, writing proposal, new technologies for Cultural Heritage, Business Analysis and Modelling.
Francesco Fiorentino
Francesco FiorentinoResearch Fellow
Master’s Degree in Communication Engineering and Electronic Technologies. His areas of interest are design and development telecommunications devices and embedded electronic systems.
Laura Fortunato
Laura FortunatoPhD, Engineer
Materials Engineer from the University of Salento and a PhD in Nanoscience. Her research interests aim at application of models, techniques for graph theory, network dynamics and business intelligence.
Massimiliano Gervasi
Massimiliano GervasiResearch Fellow
Master’s Degree in Mathematics. His research is focused on studying and developing mathematical models for Decision-Making support and Data Driven strategies.
Roberto Greco
Roberto Greco Research Fellow
Research activity in Communication Ethics; creation of a communication framework in complex industrial contexts (agri-food), to guarantee the results dissemination, through DemoLabs planning.
Maria Elena Latino
Maria Elena LatinoManagement Engineer
Research Fellow, PhD student.Her follows research issues in Agrifood and Blue Growth as design of technologies and methodologies for food value-chain, consumer food choice, design of food smart label.
Marianna Lezzi
Marianna LezziPhD Student
PhD Student in Complex System Engineering. Her research is about innovative business management methodologies and secure collaborative processes within the aeronautical supply chain.
Ada Malagnino
Ada Malagnino PhD Student
Civil Engineer and PhD student in Complex System Engineering. Her research activity focuses on Building Information Modeling, Fire Safety Engineering and Fire Safety Management.
Mattia Mangia
Mattia MangiaResearch Fellow
Holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. His research is focused on BIM, GIS and in the integration of the two systems in several fields of application and multidisciplinary frameworks.
Giovanna Mangialardi
Giovanna MangialardiResearch Fellow, PhD
Building Engineer-Architect, PhD in Complex Systems Engineering. Her research interests are focused on life-cycle oriented BIM/GIS methodologies and technologies, process management and PA change management in the building and urban sector.
Manuela Marra
Manuela MarraManagement Engineer
Her R&D expertise are in the following fields: PLM, BPM, CAD-CAM Automation and Knowledge based Engineering, Process Mining. She works in several projects in the A&D and Oil&Gas sectors.
Alvise Marzo
Alvise MarzoResearch Fellow
He works on the definition of competencences and solutions capitalization strategies in a wide potential market, also thought the exchange of information and methodologis with different actors.
Marta Menegoli
Marta MenegoliJunior Research Fellow
Graduated in Management Engineering and Junior Researcher. Her areas of interest are related to the study and definition of methodologies and technologies for the agri-food sector, for fishing and aquaculture.
Marianovella Mello
Marianovella MelloEngineer
Expert on multiproject presentation, mng and reporting. Since 2005 works on basic and industrial research projects funded by public and private funds and involving institutions, small, medium and large enterprises.
Mariachiara Minoia
Mariachiara MinoiaAssegnista di Ricerca
Laureata in Scienze Politiche e delle Relazioni Internazionali e master in Economia del Turismo, si occupa di marketing e comunicazione strategica e di prodotto, con specializzazione nel settore agrifood.
Gianvito Mitrano
Gianvito MitranoResearch Fellow
Engineering with competence on Business Process Management,Project Management,processes reengineering,ICT,definition of software architectures.He is experienced in projects on health, public administration and aerospace
Francesco Niglia
Francesco NigliaInnovation Expert
Researcher interested in the analysis of impact of innovation policies and sustainable strategies in the fields of public services, socio-economic environments and social innovation.
Claudio Pascarelli
Claudio PascarelliMechanical Engineer
Expert in CAD and CAM automations, Business Process Management, Web Design and Technology Foresight. He works on different projects in the aerospace sector, including projects on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.
Francesco Pettinato
Francesco PettinatoResearch fellow
His research activities concern ICT applications in a wide range of fields. Expert in fund raising in many areas, including aerospace & cultural heritage. Activities coordinator for Italian and European projects.
Roberta Pizzi
Roberta PizziResearch Fellow
Ethics design of IT solutions.Design and ethical communication.
Edoardo Polimeno
Edoardo PolimenoData Analyst
Specialized in descriptive (study of a system through statistical models, simulation), predictive (regression, classification, clustering, neural networks) and prescriptive (optimization algorithms) modeling.
Lorenzo Quarta
Lorenzo QuartaICT Analyst and Developer
Employees in the research and experimental development of solutions in multiple industrial areas, from manufacturing to cultural and creative. Passionate about business models for innovative companies.
Clara Renna
Clara RennaResearch fellow
Art Historian, she mainly focuses on the technologic innovations in the fruition of the historical artistic heritage (gamification, augmented reality) and on data analysis concerning the territory.
Aurora Rimini
Aurora RiminiResearch fellow
Master’s Degree inManagement and Economics. Hers research activity focuses on the analysis of technologies, processes and business models for cultural and creative industries.
Emanuele Rizzo
Emanuele RizzoIT System Administrator
He’s in charge of the installation and maintenance of hardware and software systems, and network infrastructure. He is involved in technical research to enable innovation within the infrastructure.
Marco Lucio Sarcinella
Marco Lucio SarcinellaUser Experience Designer
Master’s degree in Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano. He has 12 years of experience in UX, UI design and design management for digital products, services and applications. His research interests include information visualization.
Angelo Scialpi
Angelo ScialpiPhD Student
PhD Student in Complex Systems Engineering. His research focuses on the study and development of Business Process Management methods and tools to support decision making in organization.
Roberto Scippa
Roberto ScippaSoftware Engineer
Graduated in Computer Engineering, he is a research fellow. He specialized in Machine Learning and Neural Networks algorithms. Currently his research areas focus on the analysis, design and re-engineering of business processes through PLM systems.
Alessandra Spennato
Alessandra SpennatoData Analyst Expert
Skills in spatial analysis, time series analysis, spatio-temporal analysis, multivariate statistical analysis, data mining, big data analysis, complex networks modeling, social network analysis and sentiment analysis.
Fabrizio Striani
Fabrizio StrianiResearch fellow
PhD in Economics. I deal with qualitative and quantitative data analysis applied to decision support systems. The fields of interest are data mining and process mining.
Silvia Toraldo
Silvia ToraldoIndustrial engineer
Master degreded in management engineering, she is a research fellow with skills in analysis of business processes and project management. His research is focused onthe study of business solutions for ict sector.
Gianluca Trullo
Gianluca TrulloMechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineer and PhD in Complex Systems Engineering. His activities concern concept design, production processes, ICE modeling and testing, working for both private companies and research establishments.
Salvatore Totaro
Salvatore TotaroSystem Integrator
Electronic Engineer, works as a technologist at the University of Salento in the design and integration of electrical and electronic systems and in the development of software architectures.
Sara Ventruto
Sara VentrutoResearch Fellow
Master degree in Applied Mathematics. Research interests: Big data analytics and machine learning and its applications in industry.
Daniela Vestito
Daniela VestitoPhD
Research fellow at the University of Salento. Her research activity involves territorial development, organization and governance in public and private sector, training and labour policy.
Villani Miglietta Vincenza
Villani Miglietta VincenzaResearch Fellow
Specialised attorney in child, person and family law. Her research interests focus on improving the care and care services for special health needs people.