Angelo Corallo
Angelo CoralloAssociated Professor

Angelo Corallo is Associate Professor at University of Salento and carries out is research activity in the Centro Interdipartimentale Cultura Innovativa d’Impresa, he has been participating in many research project aimed at innovating design and manufacturing processes and systems. Many of the project lead by Prof. Angelo Corallo resulted in the creation of a spin-off industrializing research results in the mechanical industry.

Giovanni Scarafile
Giovanni ScarafileRicercatore

Giovanni Scarafile, PhD in philosophy, is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Salento. He is in charge of the discipline of Ethics of Communication. He also serves as vice president of IASC (International Association for the Study of Conroversies). His research interests include applied ethics, philosophy of images, Leibniz’s theodicy. He is the editor of the book series “Controversies. Ethics and Interdisciplinarity” (John Benjamins, Amsterdam) and editor-in-chief of YOD MAGAZINE.

Cristian Bisconti
Cristian BiscontiPhD, SNA group fellow
He achieved PhD in Physics in 2005. Its research interests are mainly related to Complex Networks Modeling, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Federica Stella Blasi
Federica Stella BlasiResearch Fellow
Economist. Research Interests: innovative methodologies and technologies for Urban Farming, sustainable novel and superfoods design, including new marketing strategies for increasing consumer demand.
Antonio Caforio
Antonio CaforioBusiness Process Engineer
Expert in methodologies and tools for business process improvement working on research activities aimed at the development of methods and systems for Knowledge and Business Process Management.
Antonio Calisi
Antonio CalisiBiologist Ecotoxicologist, Phd
His Research activities is focuses on the study and development of biological solutions for environmental technology and applications (sustainable agriculture, blue growth, environmental remediation, human health)
Anna Maria Crespino
Anna Maria CrespinoSoftware Engineer
Research Fellow at the Department of Engineering for Innovation of the
University of Salento. Her areas of interest are: Product Lifecycle Management, Big Data Analytics as-a-service.
Carla Di Biccari
Carla Di BiccariPhD Student
Her areas of interest and expertise are: CAD, Solid modelling, CAD automations, Energy Efficiency in Buildings and BIM. R&D projects on IoT and knowledge management for the aerospace industry.
Marco Esposito
Marco EspositoManagement Engineer
Research Fellow with expertise in: Business Process Innovation Mng, Product Lifecycle Mng, fundraising, writing proposal, new technologies for Cultural Heritage, Business Analysis and Modelling.
Laura Fortunato
Laura FortunatoPhD, Engineer
Materials Engineer from the University of Salento and a PhD in Nanoscience. Her research interests aim at application of models, techniques for graph theory, network dynamics and business intelligence.
Maria Elena Latino
Maria Elena LatinoManagement Engineer
R&D expertise in the following fields: tools and strategies in agribusiness and aquaculture, proposal and fundraising, knowledge management, Business Process Modeling, business process innovation, entrepreneurship.
Mariangela Lazoi
Mariangela LazoiPhD
Research Fellow at the University of Salento. Her research activities are on product design and lifecycle management, business process management and value network analysis.
Marianna Lezzi
Marianna LezziPhD Student
PhD Student in Complex System Engineering. Her research is about innovative business management methodologies and secure collaborative processes within the aeronautical supply chain.
Giovanna Mangialardi
Giovanna MangialardiPhD Student
PhD Student in Complex System Engineering. Her research is focused on Building Information Modeling, Product Lifecycle Management and Product Service System. She is an Architect and Building Engineer.
Antonio Margarito
Antonio Margarito Computer Engineer
Research fellow in BPM and PLM methodologies and technologies to support the design and realization of products and services in complex industrial sectors.
Manuela Marra
Manuela MarraManagement Engineer
Her R&D expertise are in the following fields: PLM, BPM, CAD-CAM Automation and Knowledge based Engineering, Process Mining. She works in several projects in the A&D and Oil&Gas sectors.
Alvise Marzo
Alvise MarzoResearch Fellow
He works on the definition of competencences and solutions capitalization strategies in a wide potential market, also thought the exchange of information and methodologis with different actors.
Andrea Massafra
Andrea MassafraPhysics PhD
Statistic data analysis of sensitive dataset or web crawled data. Mathematical modelling prediction for industrial process and science application
Marianovella Mello
Marianovella MelloEngineer
Expert on multiproject presentation, mng and reporting. Since 2005 works on basic and industrial research projects funded by public and private funds and involving institutions, small, medium and large enterprises.
Francesco Niglia
Francesco NigliaInnovation Expert
Researcher interested in the analysis of impact of innovation policies and sustainable strategies in the fields of public services, socio-economic environments and social innovation.
Claudio Pascarelli
Claudio PascarelliMechanical Engineer
Expert in CAD and CAM automations, Business Process Management, Web Design and Technology Foresight. He works on different projects in the aerospace sector, including projects on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.
Francesco Pettinato
Francesco PettinatoResearch fellow
His research activities concern ICT applications in a wide range of fields. Expert in fund raising in many areas, including aerospace & cultural heritage. Activities coordinator for Italian and European projects.
Clara Renna
Clara RennaResearch fellow
Art Historian, she mainly focuses on the technologic innovations in the fruition of the historical artistic heritage (gamification, augmented reality) and on data analysis concerning the territory.
Emanuele Rizzo
Emanuele RizzoIT System Administrator
He’s in charge of the installation and maintenance of hardware and software systems, and network infrastructure. He is involved in technical research to enable innovation within the infrastructure.
Marco Lucio Sarcinella
Marco Lucio SarcinellaCommunication Designer
Master’s degree in Communication Design, Politecnico di Milano. He has 10 years of experience in UX, UI design and design management for digital products, services and applications. His research interests include information visualization.
Laura Schina
Laura SchinaSmart Culture Team Leader
Research fellow at University of Salento is responsible of the Smart Culture area at the cPDM Lab. She’s skilled in project management focused on innovation and ICTs exploitation in different fields.
Alessandra Spennato
Alessandra SpennatoData Analyst Expert
Competenze in analisi spaziale, analisi delle serie temporali, analisi spazio-temporale, analisi multivariata, data mining, analisi dei big data, complex networks modeling, social network analysis e sentiment analysis.
Salvatore Totaro
Salvatore TotaroSystem Integrator
Electronic Engineer, works as a technologist at the University of Salento in the design and integration of electrical and electronic systems and in the development of software architectures.
Daniela Vestito
Daniela VestitoPhD
Research fellow at the University of Salento. Her research activity involves territorial development, organization and governance in public and private sector, training and labour policy.
Antonio Zilli
Antonio ZilliExpert in Knowledge Mng
Involved in many national and international research projects on knowledge management methodologies and systems, risk management methodologies and supply chain processes.