CAMPI carries out research activities to support public bodies and companies on foundational, theoretical, and applied aspects of data science, artificial intelligence, and decision-making under uncertainty.


The Urban Farming Lab conducts interdisciplinary research in the fields of Automation and Robotics in the Food Industry, Food Science, Biomaterials and Systems Ecology.


The ICT4Industry Lab aims to optmize and develop tecno-organizational solutions for product design and operations management in industrial sectors.


CPS Lab researches and develops sensing, computation, control and networking technologies in heterogeneous application fields.


The lab AEID deals with the relationship between applied ethics and interdisciplinarity.


The division is in charge of identifying and accessing funding opportunities; writing and submitting research grant proposals; Finance; MultiProject Management; Organization; Institutional Relations and Communication.


TThe research area deals with social innovation and policies for the development of the community and the territory.