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1105, 2018

Dialoghi tra Scienza ed Etica

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Nei prossimi giorni, il Core Lab diventa protagonista della scena culturale italiana. Il suo evento, 'Dialoghi tra scienza ed etica', è stato infatti selezionato come evento ufficiale del prestigioso Festival [...]

2209, 2017

1st International School on INDUSTRY DIGITAL EVOLUTION

By | 22/09/17|Categories: 2017|0 Comments

The University of Salento organizes the “1st International School on Industry Digital Evolution”. It represents a moment of confrontation and discussion with experts from the academic and industrial world to share experience [...]

706, 2017

Vaccines and Scientific Communication

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2405, 2017

Massimo Bray in Lecce, on Friday 26 May

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1905, 2017

Culture and Tourism – on Friday 19 May

By | 19/05/17|Categories: 2017|0 Comments

Cinema across Borders. Since its origins, cinema has been regarded as the most effective medium for overcoming the narrow limits of disciplines. On this topic, we have organized a seminar with Simonetta [...]

610, 2016

On Liberty. Autonomy, identity and institutions

By | 06/10/16|Categories: 2016|0 Comments

How cinema help us to investigate the real? This is the underlying question of our seminars on philosophy of cinema. First screening: Il resto di niente (2004) by Antonietta De Lillo, [...]

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