Project Description

  • Start date: 21/06/2018 

  • End date: 21/06/2020 

  • Duration (months): 24

  • Total budget: € 52.000 

  • Lab Budget:

  • Number of partners: 2


The research activity objectives are: the analysis of machine data to identify typology and quality; the development of methods for data collection from machines in production and studies to understand meaning of the data in order to build midrange based on mathematical models. Furthermore, other specific objectives are the development of AI software algorithms based on programming languages for the extraction / analysis of ‘useful information’ from ‘general data’. The identification of KPIs and midrange to be used in procedures and software tools and the verification, test and calibration of algorithms with real machine data are two further aims to be satisfied. 

Contextual analysis management; detection of the main analytical requirementsinvestigation on most appropriate  mathematical models; software configuration in order to implement algorithm analysis;  Activities coordination to test machinery’s parameters. 

Apache Hadoop as framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming modelsApache Spark as computing system that provides high-level APIs in Java, Scala, Python and RCassandra as NoSQL database management systemEclipse as Platform for Open development and Collaboration. 

  • Industrial context analysis; 
  • industrial data analysis generated in the testing activities; 
  • use of software tool to model analysis algorithm and carried out midrange values as setting for machineries present in the reference plant; 
  • KPIs to be used to test and calibrate tools with real data. 

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