Project Description

  • Start date: 01/01/2014
  • End date: 31/12/2015
  • Duration (months): 24

Folkture copy


  • Total budget: € 1.099.700 
  • Lab Budget: € 200.000
  • Number of partners: 4
  • Partners: Apphia srl, CICII – Università del Salento, Eka srl, DemetriX srl.
Noting the spread on the national territory of cultural events in “live mode” fruition, the project aims to improve the experience of fruition of the local intangible cultural, experiencing ICT solutions useful to a mediamorphosis of the show-events, in creative incubators of stories in which the ancient knowledges interact with the contemporary ones, are preserved and handed down, at the same time, in a fair balance between historicity, innovation and creativity.

The project wants to address the issue of documenting the intangible cultural heritage to pass on it to future generations and aims to provide a response to the need to support government departments and agencies on issues related to the management of events relating to the demo-anthropological heritage. Also it wants to be useful to the needs of cultural industries linked to these events, promoting economic growth and development of the area.

In summary, Folkture is a platform to support the fruition and the certification of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Its purpose is:

  • the creation of a perspective on fruition and valorisation of the Immaterial Cultural Assets (ICA) supported byICT;
  • The creation ofdocumentation relatedtoBCIthroughcrowdsourcingandstorytelling;
  • The developmentof a methodologyof representationofcollectivecultural identityexpression;
  • The creation offruitionpaths basedon theinterdependencebetween the intangible cultural heritage and the material cultural heritage and natural assets;
  • The creation of models of SN with particular regard to the interaction between the users of ICA;
  • The direct detectionof the state of the event, from the field, in the logic of analysis and decision support;
  • The transposition of concepts typical of Business Process Modelling (BPM) in the industrial sector.
The project involved the design and development of a platform based on information and communications technology (Information and Communications Technologies, ICT). Services and Web and Mobile applications were designed and developed, properly integrated among themselves and obtained by defining different models and engines.

The platform’s services are related to the following modules:


WEB service with related application for mobile end points, and graphical interface. It enables augmented fruition of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Application based on models and semantic technologies for the aggregation of contents from user experiences (photos, videos, testimonies…). It allows the cataloging of the ICA for the UNESCO certification.


ICT service that allows users to share informations and multimedia material. It allows the interaction among users, the fruition on the distance of the event, the security monitoring of the the event, the impact analysis.

The ICT platform tools are available through WEB and mobile applications. Among these, the “La Notte della Taranta 2015” App proposed an innovative standard of documentation and fruition of cultural heritage. The App, free, for Android and iOS, supported the Festival of Salento “La Notte della Taranta” for its entire duration and can be downloaded from the stores.

 Activities of research and development in the areas of semantic analysis, social network analysis, scientific methodology of the ICA representation for their preservation and recognition according to the UNESCO Conventions, ontological characterizations linked to “Tarantismo” Immaterial Cultural Heritage, semantic models and engines, and models of Social and Cultural interaction among users of the intangible cultural heritage, platform requirements definition, decision support systems, processes related to fruition, gaming and impact analysis.
Tools and technologies for:

– Navigation and user support in moving towards / in the area of fruition of the intangible event;

– Decision Support System;

– Augmented Navigation;

– Ticketing;

– BPA – business process analysis based on BPMN standard – Business Process Modeling Notation;

– BPMS – Business Process Management Systems;

– Semantic cataloging;

– Social Networking;

– Tagging;

– Relational and non-relational databases;

– Communication in real time.

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