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Area Description

The EDITABLE research area gathers many  interdisciplinary skills. Its focus is the development of  innovative methodological and technological solutions for the specific requirements of the   Built Environment. Looking at it as a complex system, the research team aims to study the interaction between  housing, information and Social systems. The application of Industry 4.0 paradigms (Internet of Things, Localization Systems and Wireless Networks) to the AEC Industry (Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry) it is one of our most strategic areas. Research activities include: services for the digitization of the AEC industry, inclusive methodologies for the  adoption of BIM for lifecycle management, CAD/ BIM automation and generative parametric design; management of  data  generated by networks of  physical  objects , devices, vehicles, buildings and electronics, software, sensors and network connections in order to measure the resource consumption raising awareness among the  inhabitants of a particular built space (at different scales) and the structural monitoring.

Related Project

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  • Design, develop and technological integration of Hardware and Software
  • Internet of Things for the built environment
  • Governance innovation  models for reconceiving  Urban Spaces
  • Circular Economy for the AEC Industry
  • Product Service System as a response for urban needs
  • Open Source models, standard and technologies for collaborative and integrated construction processes
  • Building Information Modeling – BIM
  • Management of Geographic Information System (GIS) data, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
  • ICT for the built environment;
  • Business and Permitting process modeling, analysis and monitoring
  • Metering and Monitoring services for resource consumptions
  • CAD-FEM-BIM software automation, energy simulation automation
  • Software development and integration Development and application of innovative methodologies
  • customization of third party software (eg. Commercial Software, legacy, open or free)
  • Hardware: Energy Meters, Raspberry Pi;
  • Networks: OpenVpn, rs485, modbus rtu;
  • Software Development: linux driver, Posix process Xcode, gcc, make;
  • Hardware Development: LTSpice, KiCad;
  • Building Information Modeling System (BIM): Revit Autodesk
  • UNISALENTO-RMM a cluster of smart meter installed in MV/LV Substation and in HVAC central of Univesity of Salento.
  • DHITECH-RMM a cluster of smart meter installed in Dhitech scarl building.
n. 4 people including researchers and collaborators
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For more information please contact: Carla Di Biccari ( 

Scientific Publications

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