Project Description

The research area deals with the analysis and change management of process-oriented organizations based on modern ICT systems, with a particular focus on social-healthcare domain.

The objective of the research activity is to analyse organization models and approaches to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational management, process control, quality and performances of health organizations. The goal is to identify the innovation and change paths of complex systems, new environments and lifestyles in order to make them smart through ICT tools.

The activities are also focused on the adoption of modern methodologies, systems and specific techniques of social-healthcare processes management and improvement (through BPM approach), including privacy and data protection, as well as the definition of new integrated care models, able to allow the taking charge and monitoring of frail and chronic patients. The aim is to manage the care pathways and related treatments through the use of telemedicine systems and medical devices (IoMT).

  • Health processes analysis and re-engineering
  • Digitalization of care pathways
  • Telemedicine services
  • Remote patients monitoring
  • Secure connected medical devices

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