Project Description

CAMPI is a multidisciplinary laboratory that aims at facilitating the match between specific needs from multiple domains of industrial innovation and opportunities provided by the different declinations of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, now enabled by emerging technologies. For this purpose, CAMPI carries out research, project, and higher education activities developing new methods and tools for the proper use of data and IT in multiple application and industrial contexts. Members of CAMPI cooperate to stimulate both technology and methodological transfer, adapting formal models from applied mathematics, computer science, and theoretical physics in applied scenarios, through a collaborative effort that also includes joint projects with other research organizations, companies, and institutions.

CAMPI includes professors and researchers from multiple scientific domains, providing a common knowledge base to address

  • Mathematics (both theoretic and applied)
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Decision Sciences and Economics
  • Physics
  • Information Engineering
  • Management Engineering
  • Psychometry

For more information please contact: Mario Angelelli (

Related Projects


  • Università del Piemonte Orientale
  • Framework convention with Inmatica S.p.A. for joint research activities on the topic “Artificial Intelligence and Sport Management 4.0” (A.I&S.M.4.0) aimed at the definition of methods and tools powered by Artificial Intelligence and for Image/video processing for match analysis.


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