Project Description

  • Start date: mar 2018

  • End date: mar 2020

  • Duration (months): 24

  • Total budget: € 1.213.325

  • Lab Budget: € 220.400

  • Number of partners: 6

  • Partners: Comune di Maglie / Università del Salento – CU / Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) / Regional Council of Elbasan / Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije (RDA BPK) / Local tourism organization of Zabljak (TO Zabljak)

wISHfUl: Ict for Smart Healthcare toUrism aims at creating a synergy between territorial tourism and healthcare offers, a real opportunity to promote a systemic approach and define a collaborative interregional network. Through a dedicated ICT platform, the territories involved in the Programme will share their health and tourist offers addressed to different target of users. This will create a coherent and integrated ecosystem inside the area, focused on the valorisation of territorial health excellences and cultural heritage that will grant to each user the definition of tour package of services perfectly calibrated on their personal needs and diseases. The platform in fact has the task of combining supply and demand, in order to offer that combination of carefully measured services for the health needs of the users. The definition of these integrated tourist offers will be an opportunity for requalifying and valorising territorial points of interest, intended to make them both attractive from a tourist point of view and accessible to individuals with different pathologies. These recovered points of interest will be the core of the project pilot cases. The project, seen as opportunities deriving from the articulation of trip packages that cover health needs and cultural fruition of the area, includes two main application scenarios:
1) Tourist offer addressed to individuals with chronic diseases. The scenario covers all the health needs of patients who, although not suffering from disabling diseases, have particular necessities in the definition of their tourist offer, or may need to a health support even on holiday, in the tourist area chosen (respiratory and heart disease, diabetes etc.).
2) Tourist offer addressed to individuals with disabling diseases. Individuals with disabling diseases (blindness, motor pathologies etc.) need the definition of specific tourist routes, compatible with their health issues.

Project Management, Communication Activities:
-Communication Plan
-Public Event

Data Analysis:
-Analysis and definition of Sentiment Analysis algorithm
-Design and Development of a data visualization dashboard

Mobile App:
-Analysis and definition of the User Experience
-Design of the Mobile App

Cross Border Touristic Routes

Data visualization dashboard, implementing algorithms of Sentiment and statistical analysis. IT platform (WEB & MOBILE): will allow the creation of accessible tourist offers, tailored on users specific medical needs, by making at disposal tours comprising tourist and healthcare structures that can answer to the particular pathology or problem the user may have.

The main result expected from wISHfUl is to strengthen local accessibility and create an effective and coherent system of services for tourists with special needs, improving connectivity and creating new synergies between the tourist and medical structures of the Region.

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