Project Description

Area Description

The team has developed transversal skills and has gained extensive experience in providing innovative design solutions and effective methods of intervention.

Our team can manage a research project throughout its lifecycle: from scouting for funding opportunities, writing the proposal and taking care of all the administrative tasks regarding the submission, to managing the project and preparing the financial report.

Moreover, we perform multi-project management activities, taking care of all the aspects related to planning, finance, reporting, legal advice, organization and communication.

We can assist with research projects of any dimensions, including complex industrial research projects that involve a high number and diversity of partners (national and international institutes, such as universities, public and private research institutions, public administrations, businesses either individually and/or in association, regional development agencies); with particular reference to projects within the H2020 Programme, to Public Tenders of the Ministry of Education and MISE, as well as to regional and local calls.

Our network of partners is constantly expanding and strengthening, as each project represents a unique opportunity of growth both for us and for them.

The innovative ideas at the core of our projects, which are promoted by excellent and skilled researchers and local entrepreneurs, have resulted in a total of 68 submitted research proposals, 32 of which have been successful and have received funding (9 are currently in progress) on an average turnover rate for the project amounting to about 500,000 € and approximately 170 staff members involved.

  • Management of financial aspects of Research Group;
  • Monitoring and adjusting of the organizational structure;
  • Planning of resources;
  • Management of internaland external communication;
  • Monitoring of internal expertise;
  • CV Collection and Recruiting;
  • Planning and reporting multiproject.
  • Search and identification of the most suitable calls/tenders in accordancewith the customer’s needs;
  • Writing and submission of research project proposals;
  • Multiproject management ;
  • Assistance with the financial reporting of projects;
  • Support interface with organizations and companies.
  • Preparation, management and submissionof n. 26 research proposals for European grant applications (8 of which have received funding) approved;
  • Preparation, management and submissionof n. 20 researchproposal for National grant applications (16 of which have received funding);
  • Preparation, management and submissionof n. 21 research proposal for Regional grant applications (8 of which have received funding);
  • Lead Partner of n. 2 National Projects Program StartUp
  • Active cooperation agreements with Finmeccanica, ANAS SpA, Data Management SpA, Fondazione La Notte della Taranta, Ansaldo Energia, Altea IN srl, Altearna srl.

For more information please contact: Marianovella Mello (

Program Partecipation

  • “ENPI – European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument” – MEDITERRANEAN SEA BASIN PROGRAMME 2007-2013 Call 21/12/2011 (February 2012).
  • Seventh Framework Programme:
    • FP7-ICT-2007-1,
    • FP7-AAT-2008-RTD-1,
    • FP7-ICT-2013-10.
  • EU Research and Innovation programme H2020:
    • Call: H2020-ICT-2014-1 – Topic: ICT-13-2014 – Type of action: IA,
    • Call: H2020-FETOPEN-2014-2015-RIA – Topic: FETOPEN-1-2014 – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-REFLECTIVE-7-2014 – Topic: REFLECTIVE-7-2014 – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-FoF-2014 – Topic: FoF-05-2014 – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-FoF-2015 – Topic: FoF-08-2015 – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-ICT-2014,
    • Call: H2020-ICT-2015 – Topic: ICT-16-2015: Big data – research – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-MG-2015_TwoStages – Topic: MG-4.3-2015 – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 – Topic: MSCA-RISE-2015 – Action: MSCA-RISE,
    • Call: H2020-SC5-2015-two-stage – Topic: SC5-17-2015 – Type of action: IA,
    • Call: H2020-REFLECTIVE-SOCIETY-2015 – Topic: REFLECTIVE-2-2015 – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-NMBP-2016-2017 – Topic: BIOTEC-03-2016 – Type of action: RIA,
    • Call: H2020-ISSI-2015-1 –  Topic: ISSI-1-2015 – Type of action: CSA,
    • ECOKT2014,
    • SME-2015.
  • ARIMNet 2 Programme – 2014.
  • Program Interreg European Territorial Cooperation (ETCP) GREECE – ITALY 2007 – 2013 (June 2013).
  • MED Program 2015 – Specific Objective (SO) 1.1: To increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area.
  • FAR 2004.
  • PRIN 2005.
  • FIRB 2008.
  • PON “Ricerca e Competitività” Programme 2007-2013:
    1. DM prot. 01/ Ric del 18 gennaio 2010 MIUR (April 2010),
    2. Decreto Direttoriale prot.713/Ric del 29 ottobre 2010 – Titolo II – Sviluppo/potenziamento di Distretti ad Alta tecnologia e di laboratori pbblic/privati (March 2011),
    3. Decreto Direttoriale prot.713/Ric del 29 ottobre 2010 – Titolo III Creazione di nuovi Distretti e/o nuove Aggregazioni Pubblico_private Distretto Tecnologico (March 2011),
    4. Avviso MIUR prot. 84/RIC del 02/03/2012 – Smart cities (April 2012).
  • FIR – Futureinresearch (2014).
  • SIR – Scientific Independence of young Researchers (SIR) – MIUR (2014).
  • START UP Programme – MIUR D.D. 13 marzo 2013 n. 436 prot. n. 436/Ric. – Linea 1 Biga Data e Linea 2 Cultura Impatto Aumentato (May 2015).
  • PRIN 2015.
  • Call for FEP- Fondo Europeo per la Pesca 2007-2013 MISURA 3.1 “Azioni Collettive” – BURP n. 86 del 01-06-2011 (August 2011).
  • Call for “AIUTI A SOSTEGNO DEI PARTENARIATI REGIONALI PER L’INNOVAZIONE” – REGIONE PUGLIA – Programma Operativo Regionale FESR 2007-2013 – [BURP n. 123 del 04-08-2011] (September 2011).
  • Call for “Aiuti ai servizi di consulenza per l’innovazione tecnologica delle PMI” (BURP n. 92 del 04-07-2013) – Operative FESR Programme 2007-2013 (October 2013).
  • Call for “Aiuti a sostegno dei Cluster aiuti a sostegno dei cluster tecnologici regionali per l’innovazione” (BURP n. 138 del 02/10/2014) – Apulia Region(October 2014).
  • Call for LILT 2015.