Project Description

Area Description

The aim of this area is to introduce new concepts of innovation in the transport field, based on the use of ICTs for a better mobility and transport demand management, infrastructure and services supply optimization, user behavior change.

Main focus areas are:

  • Integrated transport systems;
  • Cooperative ITS, vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to vehicle communications;
  • Mobility as a service;
  • ICT for transport resources management and optimization.
Solutions for Cross-Border Transport

Integrated solutions supporting passenger and freight traffic, centralizing in a unique interface data related to transport.


ITS, integrated accessibility and routing guidance for secure and safe multimodal platforms

Solution for data collection from the field through the use of Intelligent Transport Systems and the Internet, for:

  • Informative support to authorities and drivers about traffic-related detected problems (congestion, incidents, road works..)
  • Congestion and safety risks reduction
  • Transport bottlenecks reduction
  • Transport resources use optimization.


Multimodality and Intermodality

Solutions for multimodality and intermodality development for sustainable transport.

  • Research and development on ICT solutions supporting sustainable transport systems;
  • ICT platforms for Intelligent Transport Systems;
  • ICT platforms for transport resources and infrastructures management.
Trip Planner platform

The Trip Planner is an ICT platform that helps travellers to plan their cross-border trip through public transport, from an initial position to final destination, at the time they desires, choosing the means of transport that they would like to use. The platform is able to manage real-time transport data and contains tools for supporting user in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) creation.

Developed within the framework of the GIFT2.0 project.


Guideport platform

Unified ICT Platform  that allows access to interactive services related to:

  • Best route guidance for port access & congestion avoidance;
  • Safe & secure port system;
  • High-accuracy vehicle location / port logistic;
  • Port/near port incident detection & database.

Developed within the framework of the Guideport project – Integrated accessibility and routing guidance platform for safe multimodal transport in sustainable smart ports and regions.

  • Open Trip Planner;
  • OpenStreetMaps;
  • Traccar;
  • Leaflet JS;
  • GTFS, GTFS RT, JSON for transport data exchange.
n. 3 people including researchers and collaborators

For more information please contact: Francesco Pettinato ( anf Fabrizio Errico (

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Initiatives and projects with 

  • Puglia Region;
  • Metropolitan City of Bari;
  • Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Bari;
  • Province of Barletta-Andria-Trani;
  • Innopolis – Centre for innovation and culture;
  • Region of Western Greece;
  • University of Patras;
  • Chamber of Ioannina;
  • Chamber of Achaia;
  • Patras Port Authority;
  • Brindisi Port Authority;
  • Decentralized administration of Peloponnese, Western Greece and Ionian Islands.