Project Description

The research area deals with social innovation and policies for the development of the community and the territory.

“The term social innovation may have many meanings. It can mean “socialized” innovation that creates new technical or organisational knowledge; but also a “social” innovation, that is a pragmatic approach to social issue, applying management techniques to solve problems”. (Murray, Caulier Grice and Mulgan, 2011: 2)

Social innovation requires a vision of the development of the economic and social system of a territory that relies on the synergy of multiple subjects: public administration, economic stakeholders, the third sector, the research community and the end users. The activities of the research team are focused on the enhancement of the collaborative and multi-disciplinary dimension on the development policies, according to an active strategy “from the bottom”, in which all players play a strategic role, and a “territorialist approach”, based on the network of community resources.

The working team participates in research projects in the field of regional development and labor policies, starting with the experiences of the individual components. Among the activities being carried out, a business incubation projects and an observatory on education, training and work.

  • Active labor market policies;·
  • Community Development;
  • Auto-entrepreneurship and new forms of entrepreneurship;
  • Communication and promotion of the territory;
  • Redevelopment and urban regeneration;
  • Social Impact Assessment.
  • Consultation, design and institutional communication;
  • Analysis and case studies and development activities of the territory;
  • Experimentation, management, monitoring and evaluation of good practices in local contexts;
  • Social impact assessment;
  • Design and writing calls.

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