Project Description

Area Description

The CHanging ORganizations Toward Empowerment, Effectiveness and Efficiency (CHORT3) Area performs analyses and evaluations on organizational systems and processes, with a focus on public and health organizations, and supports the management of change in organizations. The objective of research activities is:

  • to analyze organizational systems models and approaches for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of strategic and operational management, process control, quality and internal/external performances;
  • to identify paths of innovation and change of organizational systems enabled by ICT (innovation techno-organizational) and by exploiting the capacity of the individuals (socio-technical systems) that allow for establishing continuous learning (learning organization).

Research is also focused on the adoption of methodologies, tools and techniques for the management and improvement of organizational processes and quality.

  • Assessment and evaluation of organizational performance;
  • Innovation of business processes and quality management in organizations;
  • ICT innovation and change management in public and health organizations.
  • Maturity and quality assessment of organizations;
  • Performance and competency evaluation;
  • Business process (and rules) analysis and modeling;
  • Business process simulation;
  • Business process improvement and Change management;
  • Benchmark of business process management systems
  • BizAgi BPM and Bonita Open Studio;
  • Signavio Process Editor and TIBCO Business Studio;
  • Methods: BPMN, CMMI, CAF (Common Assessment Framework.
  • Project Management Professional Credentials;
  • BPTrends BPM Professional Certificate.
n. 4 people including researchers and collaborators

For more information please contact: Mariangela Lazoi (

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Scientific Publications

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  • A. Caforio, G. Mitrano, P. Cosoli; “Engineering clinical pathways to enhance the healthcare system performance”; IX World Congress dell’International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC 2014 on Re-Engineering Total Cost Management) (2014)
  • P. Cosoli, A. Caforio, P. Marra, C. Tagliente; “Engineering clinical pathways to enhance the healthcare system performance”; Poster accepted at the Special Session Apulian ICT Living Labs of the IEEE International Symposium on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications (INISTA 2014).
  • A. Caforio, A. Corallo, A. Dimartino; “A BPM Framework for NPD Process Knowledge Management”; published in proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Business Modeling, Information Systems and Enterprise Optimization. (2011)
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  • “Ambidexterity in Public Management: the MAIA Techno-Organizational Model and its Application in the Apulia Region” abstract approved by the IRSPM 2016 Conference Committee – “International Research Society on Public Management Conference”, Track: Special Interest Group In Local Governance (Hong Kong) (2016)