Project Description

  • Start date: 18/10/2018 

  • End date: 18/10/2020 

  • Duration (months): 24

  • Total budget: € 43.000

  • Budget Gruppo:

  • Numero di partner: 2

  • Partner: Unisalento, Fameccanica

The research activity aims to analyse and propose innovative solutions for the use of technological systems and methodologies related to Product Lifecycle Management to manage the configuration and development of new product in efficient and effective mode and optimize the configuration of already existing products. It is wished to get an innovation about definition of product structure and to define tools able to support it during product lifecycle. 

Define and implementation of methods and  techniques of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)Technical Knowledge Management for complex product structures and machineries system. 

  • define methodologies for the knowledge analysis about product configuration and development; 
  • develop models for the configuration management through ICT systems; 
  • define innovative tools to manage product configuration and development during its lifecycle; 
  • methodologies to implement Product Life Cycle (PLM) software. 

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