In Progress

MARIN – RINA CONSULTING Spa2022-05-18T19:18:17+00:00
MARIN – SEASTEMA Spa2022-05-18T19:18:36+00:00
Fameccanica – PLM2022-05-04T11:31:08+00:00
AcrOSS – Ambiente per Operazioni Sicure di Sistemi aeromobili a pilotaggio remoto2022-05-17T18:01:29+00:00
NEMESI – NanotEcnologie chiMiche green per la protEzione Sostenibile delle pIante2022-05-17T18:37:05+00:00
BIM AT ARCA2022-05-17T19:16:02+00:00
ISEPA – Improving Sustainability, Efficiency and Profitability of large – scale Aquaponics2022-05-18T12:08:42+00:00

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