Project Description

  • Start date: jan 2018

  • End date: jun 2019

  • Duration (months): 18

  • Total budget: € 1.960.201,78

  • Lab Budget: € 408.716,05

  • Number of partners: 9

  • Partners: Elif Società Cooperativa / Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche – Istituto Per La Microelettronica Ed I Microsistemi / Consorzio Italiano Per Il Biologico (C.I.Bi.) Srl / Data Management Pa S.P.A. / Impresa Verde Puglia S.R.L. / Resiltech S.R.L. / Olivicoltori Di Puglia Soc. Coop. / Smart Lab Industrie 3d S.R.L / Centro Unico di Ateneo per la Gestione Progetti e Fund Raising – Università del Salento

Final goal of the Good for You! Project is to develop a socio-technical platform that can guarantee transparency and safety of the Made in Italy product in the agri-food sector, triggering a voluntary traceability system covering the entire product value chain. Through the use of innovative methodologies and technologies, we will monitor the production environment and the product, not only during the production phase, but also in packaging and transport. The system is conceived in a cross-platform perspective and consists of innovative hardware and software solutions, an application for mobile devices, and a website.

Project Management (RI), Results communication and dissemination (RI), Requirements analysis and identification of the parameters to be monitored (RI), Definition of the field monitoring system (RI-SS), Packaging creation for monitoring and protection of the product during transportation (RI-SS), IT platform’s setting up for data consulting for stakeholders (RI-SS), App mobile’s creation for data consulting for final consumers. (RI), Integration, testing and testing. (RI)

  • For monitoring, a sensor system will be used, through which to gather data useful for managing the conditions not only of production, but also of transformation, packaging, transport and storage.

For the packaging and transport phase, we will study an intelligent container that is equipped with sensors able to monitor the conditions.

The sensor system operates in IoT logic with NB-IoT technologies, and it will allow collecting useful data to feed an environmental monitoring system.

  • For the use of the data, software solutions will be developed to set up data from different sources and in different formats, with different interfaces for growers and transporters. Good for You! it is both a process management tool and a potential leverage for business marketing. The analysis of the collected data will offer decision support to each actor of the agri-food value chain allowing to monitor and evaluate the products’ status and the attribution of individual responsibilities.

For data truthfulness, will be used encryption mechanisms and voluntary certification, such as Blockchain technology.

  • To communicate traceability information to the final consumer, an application for mobile devices will be designed and developed based on an innovative interdisciplinary communication model operating according to the principles of ethics and transparency, which adopts readability techniques able to catalyze the sharing of skills and different experiences, through the use of a community that connects technical and professional profiles with consumers.

This sharing mechanism will amplify the power of the Good for You! which will increase corporate visibility and consumer awareness and confidence. The system thus conceived acts as a bridge between the consumer and the producer. Through a smartphone, scanning a QRcode placed on the product label, the consumer can access the total or partial traceability information. Using the necessary human and financial resources, the research and development activities proposed in the project will lead to the realization of quantifiable and measurable results. In particular, the following quantitative specifications are proposed to be achieved in three areas related to the project proposal: technical, communication and dissemination, project management.

  • Monitoring of soil, air and water quality during the production process in the field, and monitoring of the product along the entire supply chain, from field to table.
  • Packaging and transport, through a modular intelligent container, of recycled and recyclable material, which can safeguard the organoleptic properties of the product (such as glass for products such as oil or wine).
  • Development of software solutions able to set up data from various sources and in different formats, and to set up different interfaces for growers and transporters.

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