(Italiano) AGRI BRAIN – AGRI food BRAnd monitoriNG2019-03-11T09:11:47+00:00
BIM AT ARCA2019-02-26T09:53:37+00:00
VMAN – VIRTUAL MANUFACTURING2019-02-26T10:25:15+00:00
SEA – Security for marine Environment and Aquaculture2019-02-26T10:30:30+00:00
TAKE OFF – Test and Knowledge-based Environment for Operations, Flight and Facility2019-02-26T10:32:03+00:00
SIRSIPA – Sistema Informatico per la Responsabilità Sociale delle Imprese e della Pubblica Amministrazione2019-02-26T10:33:30+00:00
Puglia Digitale 2.02019-02-26T10:52:58+00:00
STESEGEO – STrutture E SErvizi GEOreferenziati2019-02-26T11:02:10+00:00
CRIKHET – Clinical RIsK management and HEalth Technologies2019-02-26T10:55:55+00:00

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