Project Description

  • Start date: dec 2018

  • End date: may 2020

  • Duration (months): 18

  • Total budget: € 918738,00

  • Lab Budget: € 407871,62

  • Number of partners: 3

  • Partners: VJ Technology S.r.l / Men at Work / Università del Salento

AGRI-food BRAnd monItoriNg (AGRI-BRAIN) intends to implement a web platform that allows companies operating in the agri-food sector to know in advance the food choices of consumers. These choices, if adequately driven, may give added value to the agricultural productions and the farmers, facilitating the direct relationship between agriculture and final consumer. Furthermore, it is possible to raise awareness the end-users towards a greater perception of food.

This project responds to the needs of Coldiretti Federazione Regionale Pugliese – Bari, which highlights the need for an innovative tool to investigate and monitor consumers’ food choices. The goal is to implement a web platform that integrates traditional marketing techniques with web monitoring. The benefits will be linked to the possibility of promoting local products after understanding consumers lifestyles and food choices.

The SNA group is involved on all project activities. These activities are, in fact, conducted following a Living Lab approach, which involves the active involvement of all the partners and research centers.

In particular, the research team is responsible for:

  • context analysis;
  • implementation the Living Lab governance model;
  • scientific dissemination of the innovative results of the project;

design and execution of the public DemoLab.

AGRIBRAIN web platform integrates features such as:

  • crawler;
  • multivariate statistical analysis;
  • semantic analysis;
  • sentiment analysis;
  • social network analysis;
  • predictive analytics.

These results, based on dynamic dashboards,  available to the end-users in order to:

  • understands how the demand varies, orientating the farmers’ production strategies;
  • identify suitable initiatives to raise awareness among final consumers of healthy food choices, linked to the seasonality and territoriality of the product.

Browser-based technologies are used to create the dashboard.

AGRI-food BRAnd monItoriNg intends to implement and test a web platform to monitor and predict the food purchasing choices of final consumers. The web platform AGRI-BRAIN provides for the integration of two different activities: traditional marketing and web monitoring. The realization of this platform will allow companies operating in the agri-food sector to take significant advantages, such as:

  • know the decision-making process and the regional consumers purchase behavior related to local products;
  • having a greater understanding of consumer lifestyles;
  • predicting the trends in agro-food consumption in the short and medium term;

organizing initiatives in order to promote healthy eating habits, addressed especially at younger generations, which are increasingly facing nutritional problems linked to overweight conditions which can lead to severe pathological conditions in adulthood.

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