Project Description

  • Start date: 08/11/2018

  • End date: 10/04/2020

  • Duration (months): 18

  • Total budget: € 1.260.000

  • Lab Budget: € 270.000

  • Number of partners: 10

  • Partners: Imago Cooperativa Sociale, Archeologia Ricerca e Valorizzazione Srl (A.R.Va), Società Cooperativa Coolclub (Coolclub), INSYNCHLAB Società Cooperativa a.r.l. (INSYNCHLAB), Lisari Srl (Lisari), Net7 Srl (Net7), Fotograficamente Srl (Fotograficamente), BIG SUR Società Cooperativa a r. l. (BIG SUR), La Grecìa Salentina Servizi società cooperativa sociale (Grecìa Salentina), CORE Lab dell’ Università del Salento (Unisalento-CU).

Over the last ten years, social and technological transformations have radically revolutionized the way of promoting and communicating territories and their cultural values and identity, increasing at the same time the need for knowledge and experience of citizens and tourists. In this perspective, the development of virtual and interactive applications with gaming dynamics enables new mechanisms of transmission and use of historical memory. The CHER project aims to revolutionize the way in which cultural and landscape heritage is used and enhanced through the creation of a framework that innovatively integrates technologies and heterogeneous skills in the context of cultural and creative industries. The development will follow two technological directions, Virtual Reality and Touchable Video, whose mutual integration will be enabled by the study and application of gamification logic and thanks to the adoption of cinema paradigms. All this will be achieved thanks to the collaboration of a network of regional actors who will make available their skills and experience in heterogeneous sectors (Cinema, Museums, Archaeology, Technology), also benefiting from the support of the University for research and innovation.

The CHER project aims to achieve the following results:

  • Creation of a set of advanced and specialized knowledge and skills related to the application of innovative technologies in the promotion and enhancement of cultural and artistic heritage.
  • Systematization of datasets collected through historical, bibliographic, archival, iconographic and field research.
  • Definition of an innovative methodology for the creation of original stories based on content and reconstructed landscapes (including sounds), declined through a modular Digital Storytelling model and integrated with technologies that enable immersive use, thanks to the implementation of a structured system of gamification.
  • Implementation of a pilot application that can demonstrate to a wide audience the benefits of the CHER framework and its potential.
  • Development of a set of indicators, lesson learned and best practices to simplify the scalability of results.

Development of a catalogue of structured and related digital contents, enabling an innovative and structured method for the recovery, management and reuse of digitised cultural heritage.

Coordination of the Pilot development; support to the coordination and management of the whole project; Touchable Video development; support to Mobile App and Virtual Reality modules development; definition of the CHER methodology in collaboration with the other partners.

  • Development of an online catalogue of graphical and informative contents and 3D models and scenario for Virtual Reality.
  • Touchable Video
  • Unity game Engine (Virtual Reality and Mobile Application Graphic)
  • Android OS (App Mobile).

For more information please contact: Mariangela Lazoi (