Project Description

  • Start date: 03/10/2018

  • End date: 02/04/2020

  • Duration (months): 18

  • Total budget: € 1.400.000

  • Lab Budget: € 130.000

  • Number of partners: 6

  • Partners: Tecnologie Diesel Spa, Code Architects s.r.l., Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Politecnico di Bari, Prospettive Hi-Tech s.r.l., Università del Salento.

The project OmniAGV 4.0 (Veicolo a guida automatica omnidirezionale, abilitante per le specifiche Industry 4.0) aims to study and develop an internal logistics system based on a fleet of omnidirectional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), with low integration impact, and with the ability to behave autonomously and intelligently for their interaction with environments, people and things. The objective is to create a new generation of vehicles used to transport carts, within the logistical context of an industrial plant, that are integrated into the environment in which they operate without the need for changes to work spaces or heavy revisions of existing logistical processes. Project activities include context and constraint analysis, solution research, design, development, application and testing.

A set of prototype AGVs and the corresponding hardware and software auxiliary systems, suitable for the intra-logistical handling of carts for the transport of goods such as processing waste, semi-finished or finished products.

  • Analysis, study and development of a kinematic and dynamic model of the platform for model-based control, navigation and movement planning.
  • Analysis, study and development of models, algorithms and artifacts for a odometric system for omnidirectional vehicles.
  • Promotion, communication and dissemination of project results.

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