Project Description

  • Start date: 19/12/2018

  • End date: 18/06/2020

  • Duration (months): 18

  • Total budget: € 827.000

  • Lab Budget: € 90.000

  • Number of partners: 5

  • Partners: Info Solution S.p.A., 2038 Innovation Company S.R.L., Cittadella della Carità Taranto, Università del Salento, Politecnico di Bari.

In the TeleRehab project the aim is to develop and test an integrated platform for remote hand and wrist rehabilitation, able to set and monitor the rehabilitation exercises and, at the same time, to model and manage the entire health process. The system will consist of wearable sensors with wireless technology detecting some parameters of movement and muscle contraction of wrist and hand during a rehabilitation session that will provide, in real time, a motivational feedback to the patient and quantitative measures of his progress. The system will be equipped with various operating modes, so that it will be used in a rehabilitation centre with the support of experienced healthcare professionals or it will be used even at the patient’s home in total autonomy (or with the remote monitoring of a therapist). In addition, the system is provided with an ICT platform capable of collecting data, cataloguing them together with clinical and health data in order to rationalize and describe the health processes implemented and making procedures repeatable and efficient.

The activities carried out by the University of Salento are:

  • study of the state of the art on telemedicine (telerehabilitation);
  • analysis of needs and definition of requirements;
  • analysis and modelling of the TeleRehab process;
  • identification of the scenarios for the use of the platform and definition of the experimentation plan;
  • support to the development of the management platform.

The technologies in the TeleRehab project are:

  • Wearable sensors with wireless technology;
  • ICT platform with workflow engine.

The system is a framework in the rehabilitation telemedicine and it consists of two modules:

  • wearable bracelets with wireless technology, able to detect some parameters of movement during a rehabilitation session;
  • an ICT platform with a workflow engine able to collect data, catalogue them with clinical and health data, in order to rationalize and describe the health processes implemented, making repeatable and efficient procedures.

The integrated system can offer an initial technological solution to the problem of providing rehabilitation services on the territory, in order to:

  • propose a model and an efficient tool of rehabilitation;
  • increase the objectivity of health care through the use of instrumental data which can monitor the recovery of the patient;
  • improve the quality of the patient care, who is no longer obliged to go to the hospital in order to perform his rehabilitation sessions.

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