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Start date: 01/09/16 End date: in progress Number of partners: 15 Partners: Cunef (Spain); Universita del Salento (Italy); Renmin University Of China (China); Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen Stiftung Oeffentlichen Rechts (Germany); Eka [...]


Start date: 01/09/16 End date: in progress Number of partners: 4 Partners: LILT Provinciale, Università del Salento (DII), ASL Lecce, Provincia di Lecce. In recent years, is increased [...]

e-paint Lab – Partnership Avio Isufi for new technologies

Start date: 01/02/09 End date: in progress Number of partners: 2 Partners: Avio Spa, CICII - Università del Salento. E-Paint Lab is a public-private laboratory born from the collaboration [...]

Diversity – Cloud Manufacturing and Social Software Based Context Sensitive Product-Service Engineering Environment for Globally Distributed Enterprise

Start date: 01/02/2015 End date: 31/01/2018 Duration (months): 36 Total budget: € 4.055. 900 Lab Budget: € 469.800 Number of partners: 10 Partners: UNINOVA – Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologia, CAPARICA, Portugal, Institut Für Angewandte [...]

KLIOLab – Knowledge-based Lifecycle InnOvation Laboratory

Start Date: 09/09/2014 End Date: in progress Number of partners: 21 Partners: Dhitech scarl, Advantech, Alenia Aermacchi, Ansaldo Energia, Ansys, Apphia, CADland, Consorzio Roma Ricerche, Dassault Systèmes, DHL, EKA, ESI Italia, [...]


Start date: 18/12/2015 End date: 19/11/2017 Duration (months): 23 Total budget: € 2.152.800 Lab Budget: € 30.000 Number of partners: 8 Partners: ATS Bellino SRL, New Euroart Srl, ESI Italia Srl, [...]

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